Mobility Scheme

The choice of the mobility is fixed at the time of students’ admission, taking into account factors including the wishes of students, the wishes of the partners, and an equal repartition of students within the Consortium. The mobility track should generally be regarded as fixed, but in special circumstances it can be changed with the approval of the Joint Doctoral Committee.  

During the application process, the student has the choice between several mobility tracks to express her/his preferences. If a student is accepted, the committee proposes a particular mobility track with the student’s acceptance notification, which the student can then accept in response in order to enter the programme. Typical examples of how a mobility track may look between Universities A and B include AABBAA, BABBAA and ABABAB, each letter representing a semester over the six semesters of the doctorate. When a third institution C, such as a Partner or Associated Partner, is involved, another typical example will be ACBBAA.  No matter how the mobility track is designed, it must include at least two semesters in each of the universities supervising the student’s PhD.