The language of EDE-EM is English, i.e., the courses and the supporting documentation (lecture notes, slides) are in English, exams are held in English, etc.

No course of English (as a second language) is provided during the three years, hence the ability to attend courses in English is asked. An English test  requirement is mandatory for those who did not get a degree with English taught courses. The precise requirement is formulated in the application form.

No English test is asked to students coming from an English speaking country or to students having a diploma (High School, Bachelor or Master degree) from a university where courses are taught in English. For more see FAQ.

Language Learning

During their resident periods at the various Consortium universities, students will have courses and other activities for improving in the language and in the knowledge of culture of the visited countries. Each integrated curriculum reserves 2 credits per semester (12 out of the required 180) and the total of 12 credits is mandatory. However no grade is given but only Pass or Fail.

The universities of the Consortium have a long recognized experience in teaching language courses. They are offered in the six semesters: typically a semester course (counting 2 credits) offers about 50 hours of teaching, which may concern the writing and speaking but also the culture and civilization of the country.

The courses are offered in each semester at several levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced). Complementary training is possible but it will not be counted in the 180 credits; however, it will be explicitly mentionned in the degree.