Getting an entry visa might take long time, depending on the country of origin and your status. Therefore, we strongly advise to  start the visa process when you get your preliminary acceptance notification at the beginning of March. The formal fellowship award letter (the Original) can only be sent after the European Commission confirmed the selection of the fellowships. Visa requests should be forwarded to the Consulate of the country where the student will spend the first semester.

All students need to come to Bielefeld University first to finalize the work contract. Students who are liable for visa always need an entry visa to enter Germany and to sign the work contract.

Depending on whether the mobility in the first year is Bielefeld University or another partner additionally a PhD candidate apply for  

  1. working visa for Germany if your first mobility is Bielefeld
  2. student visa for your host country if your first mobility is not Bielefeld. With this student visa you can also enter Germany for short visits.

The application for residence permission needs to be done directly after your arrival in your host country.

Bielefeld University has a Welcome Centre which assists internationally mobile researchers to organize their arrvial and stay at Bielefeld University. For more information, students are invited to contact the Welcome Centre directly by email.