Before Arrival

Confirmation of Acceptance in EDEEM

Selected EDEEM fellowship candidates will be informed about their nomination at the beginning of March and will be asked to acknowledge their preliminary acceptance of the fellowship. The lists of candidates are officially adopted or not by the EACEA until the beginning of May. 

Now a formal fellowship award letter together with an acceptance letter of the first hosting university is sent to the EDEEM candidates by email and regular mail.  Information on the mobility track of the student, the employment contractVisahealth insurance and further details of importance are specified in the award letter. Students now have to officially accept the fellowship.

Other fellowship candidates will be informed about their acceptance in July after the EDEEM summer meeting. A formal acceptance letter is sent to the EDEEM candidates. Information on the mobility track of the student, Visahealth insurance and further details of importance are specified in this letter as well. Students have to officially accept the fellowship.


At each university students formal admission as a PhD candidate as well as the registration as a PhD student involves some additional paperwork to do which may slightly vary from University to University. The following links provide more information for each partner university in order to get the local registration done. In addition, the administrative local coordinators can be contacted as well.

University of Amsterdam

Bielefeld University

L’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Université Catholique de Louvain

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Università Ca’Foscari Venezia

Consortium Universities Admission

Apart from the formal fellowship award letter to the EDEEM program the selected candidates will receive an official acceptance letter  from their first hosting university for Visa purposes. In addition, they start to get into contact with the coordination of the partner universities in order to prepare the arrival.


It is strongly advised to start the Visa process at the earliest possible stage. At the beginning of March when students acknowledge their preliminary acceptance of the fellowship they can start collecting the necessary documents for visa application an appointment with the consulate of the country where the student will spend the first semester can be fixed. Students are asked to upload the visa on your personal page as soon as it is issued.

Travel and Accommodation at the Welcome Day

The initial destination for all new-coming EDEEM students is Bielefeld University, where a Welcome Day is organized. Hotel accommodation is provided for this meeting for two nights. Students will be informed by email about the hotel details.

The city of Bielefeld is located in the heart of Germany, in the northeast of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. To get more detailed information on how to get there and to its University, it is recommended to have a look here.

Pre-opening a bank account

The EDEEM coordination assists students to open a bank account before arrival and during the welcome day.The pre-opening will be done for all  EDEEM students at the same bank. The opening of a Bank account in Europe is mandatory for the Erasmus Mundus Fellowship holders to insure the monthly salary payment.

It is possible to pre-open the account once the information on your personal page is complete and all the required documents are uploaded on time.

The beneficiaries of Erasmus Mundus scholarships will receive their first payment of the scholarship approximately at the end of september. Students should make sure, that they will have enough money to cover personal expenses (food, transport, accommodation) during the 1st month of their studies.

Accommodation at the hosting University

The EDEEM partner universities assist in finding accommodation. Each partner university disposes a certain amount of room in the university residences. It is recommended to contact the EDEEM partners’ administration offices directly.