Joint Doctoral Committee (JDC)

The Joint Doctoral Committee is the ultimate decision-making body of the Consortium. It decides on the strategy of the consortium and approves the EDEEM program activities. It is composed by the Coordinator of the program (who is chairing the Joint Doctoral Committee), the co-Chair of the program, and two persons chosen by each partner university. The JDC meets at least two times a year: A first time in the Winter Meeting (February) and a second time in the Summer Meeting (July), both alternating among the participating universities.

The JDC regulates and manages the program, it performs all kind of tasks, e.g. selection of candidates,  implementation of agreements and the study program, deals with all kind of problematic cases, pays attention to conditions of equal opportunities, participation costs to mention some.

Decisions are taken on a democratic basis. Each partner has one vote. Every institution of the consortium has a veto power over decisions involving this institution.

Central Executive

The coordination of the EDEEM program at Bielefeld University is in charge of organisational matters of the overall program.  It is the contact point for incoming  students as well as for students in the program dealing with questions of their work contract, financial matters, study program issues. The central executive reports on a regulary basis to the European Commission administration on the ongoing developments. It is composed by the coordinator and the administrative coordination office. The Central Executive is responsible to the Joint Doctoral Committee for its decisions.

Scientific Advisory Board

The EDEEM Doctorate is monitored by an Advisory Board of ten members, seven internationally recognized academics (including 4 Nobel Prize laureates) and three high-level professional experts in the field of economics. The Scientific Advisory Board supervises and coordinates the scientific part of the EDEEM project with the Joint Doctoral Committee. The Advisory Board is chaired by the Scientific Director who is elected among its members.